Terms of Service (TOS)

By using 1n.pm Link Shortening Service you agree to the following terms of service:

Link expiry, Link deletion, Link disabling

1n.pm Administrators can at any point of time, without notice, remove or disable links from the database. This renders your shorturls useless. Users will arrive at a notice on the 1n.pm website. Links will be removed or disabled for reasons stated in this document. 1n.pm nevertheless reserves the right to disable or remove links for other reasons as well as for no reason at all.

Cost of use

1n.pm ist at this point of time a free service for everyone. On the website there are advertisments which are used to finance server costs. At this point of time 1n.pm does not show ads to most users. People clicking on your links are redirected directly to the destination URL if less than 500 people clicked the link. The 500th to the 999th click will see an ad-banner on the upper half of the screen. From the 1000th click on there will be an intermediate ad shown. 1n.pm reserves the right to alter its functionality at any time, including short links that have been created before any change was made.

Forbidden Content

1n.pm's servers are located in Germany, therefore German law applies. Linking of illegal content is not allowed. Linking to copyright-infringing pages is not allowed. Hence, if you link copyright-infringing content 1n.pm will disable links of this kind as soon as it gets to know about the infringment. The same applies for all other kinds illegal content. Furthermore 1n.pm administrators will disable or delete shortlinks if they are used for spamming. 1n.pm reserves the right to add at any time further content to the list of unwanted content. All in all the following content is not allowed:

As mentioned before: By using 1n.pm you agree to 1n.pm being able to disable your shortlinks at any time also without giving or having to give any reason for its actions.

Limited Use

1n.pm is a private project, hosted for the use with LnkShortener. Using the 1n.pm service is intended for private use only. If you need to shorten hundreds of links, or are expecting thousands of hits, please have a look at the Polr-Project. It is open source, hence you can host your very own instance of polr – and use it with LnkShortener. Polr is running successfully on a Raspberry Pi.

By using 1n.pm you agree to our TOS. The TOS can be changed at any time.

– Last Updated: 20.04.2016